We are dedicated to placing financial planning & analysis, technical accounting, control and corporate finance professionals in diverse contracting or free lance interim assignments.


We have placed many financial planning & analysis, technical accounting, audit, control and corporate finance professionals in permanent positions across our industry specialisations.


Finance Appointments has demonstrated experience conducting executive search with unrivaled relationships and networks across our industries. Research underpins our search, selection and placement process.

We believe social media will work for us. We are also convinced algorithms will never replace intuition, empathy and “gut feeling” of a human being.

Finance Appointments collaborates with a selected group of trusted ambassadors with working experience and an active network in our selected expertise areas. If you decide to work with us this network will actively support the search by approaching potential candidates through their social media network. As a peer they will inform potential candidates on the vacancy and make a first judgment on suitability. Once interested, all candidates will be thoroughly interviewed by our experienced consultants and presented to you.

Our network

Our network comprises Trusted Ambassadors in the following industries:

  • FMCG, Retail and E-commerce
  • High Tech / ICT
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Pharma & Biotech
  • Business Services

Finance Appointments focuses solely on building an exclusive community for internationally oriented clients and finance job seekers in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a growing hub, due to its attractive business market, for companies to manage their EMEA and global operations from. As a result, there is an increasing demand for internationally focussed and highly skilled professionals. Companies are in need of professionals that have a sound understanding and specific skillset for achieving success in an internationally oriented corporate business context. 

Long term sustainable hires

Finance Appointments helps international finance executives understand what personnel are needed in order to bring success to their strategic plans, and ultimately their business.  We provide corporations with long term, sustainable hires that bring a wealth of international expertise to drive their business forward.  Finance Appointments is able to seek out these individuals based on the relationships we have built within the international finance specialist communities in the Netherlands.

We believe experience, intuition and empathy are important factors in the process of making  stable placements.

We look forward to fostering a loyal business relationship with you, and help your company achieve success.

We source ambitious, senior level Controlling & Reporting, Finance Operations, Audit, Project Management and M&A specialists to EMEA / global head offices, multinational subsidiaries and shared service centers in the Netherlands. We exclusively focus on nothing but these five disciplines, both in permanent and temporary placements.

We recruit intermediate and management level finance roles including subject matter experts and specialists.

Our services

At Finance Appointments we constantly strive to provide distinguishing services and the best  possible advice. Our industry focus is on:

  • FMCG, Retail and E-commerce
  • High Tech / ICT
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Pharma & Life Sciences
  • Business Services

Why use Finance Appointments?

Research team

We offer you to benefit from our dedicated research team. This team of experienced researchers constantly focusses on our selected job profiles and are able to reinforce the recruitment process by providing additional unmatched candidates.

International Community

Today everyone can be in contact with everyone. Future proof recruitment will be all about knowing instead of connecting. That’s why we ask every candidate to refer interested colleagues, friends or family to become part of our network.


We help international finance executives make their strategies work by providing them with long term, sustainable hires that are a result of our empathy-based recruitment approach. We believe experience, intuition and empathy are key in the creation of sustainable hires.

As the owner and founder of the company, I am confident you will have an extraordinary experience when working with Finance Appointments. Whether you are a company looking to partner with one of the most specialized and respected recruitment firms in the Netherlands, or looking to find jobs in finance with one of our many respected partner companies, our knowledgeable recruitment professionals are here to help you!

About Sieto Engelmoer

Before setting up Finance Appointments, Sieto served as Managing Director Netherlands and UK Board Member of the mid-market professional recruitment consultancy Martin Ward Anderson, part of Randstad. He built the team from 2007 untill 2014 and showed substantial year on year growth in revenue and headcount.

“At Martin Ward Anderson I learned what it takes to build and manage an extremely diverse group of international staff members. Since the company’s main focus was on multinational clients and candidates, I also gained a lot understanding of how international companies and candidates work, think and feel. Working at Randstad, a large listed multinational recruitment firm, taught me how corporations work and gave me better insight in the workfield of many of my finance candidates.“

From 1998 to 2007 Sieto held a number of key positions at two large international recruitment firms, both in the field of interim and permanent finance recuitment.

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